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Pet Care Wipe

 Our extensive experience with Health & Beauty products has led us to a comprehensive knowledge of skin types.
This knowledge along with an in-depth understanding of animal skin and coat types enables us to offer a wide range of premium petcare products.

We use specially selected petcare and grooming ingredients along with hypoallergenic pet specific fragrances for all our product formulations.

The fabrics we use involve an in-depth understanding of petcare and grooming as animal coats and skin types can vary considerably.

Some examples of available packaging options for petcare wipes include:

  •     Flowpacks (softpacks) with resealable label
  •     Flowpacks (softpacks) with plastic lid
  •     Canisters/Tubs (various sizes)

A selection of pet wipes that we offer include:

  •     Cat bathing wipes
  •     Cat ear wipes
  •     Cat eye wipes
  •     Cat litter tray cleaning wipes
  •     Dog ear wipes
  •     Dog eye wipes
  •     Dog bathing wipes
  •     Equestrian wipes
  •     Cage cleaning wipes