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Quality, Research & Packaging

How we take care:

We are an Exciting, Innovative and Environment Friendly Company :

ASHOK & CO. (PVT.) LTD. (A.C.P.L.) is committed to a greener, safer planet for you and your family. Innovation is a key philosophy for ACPL, we dedicate in research & development and have a proven track record of supplying market first innovations.

Our R&D knowledge and capability can offer you one of our in-house portfolio formulations of different kinds of fragrances, develop a new product for your needs (or modify a current one) or we can simply take your solution and impregnate it into the Wipes. The continuous development of new formulations ensures that we always stay several steps ahead of others.

Our MAGICOOL wet tissues have miraculous effect due to use of 100% Bio- degradable material. These tissues stay wet in every pocket sized sachet and its unique combination of Herbal contents and fragrance that helps fights against body odor and sweating consistently.

Developing a wet wipe application encompasses three major dimensions:
  • Liquid formulation: Our wet wipes can be impregnated with nearly any kind of liquid. Depending on your preferences we can use water based formulations, gels, lotions, highly viscous liquids etc.
  • Tissue selection: Every aspect of the tissue such as shape, softness, toughness, absorbability, degradability etc. can be tailored to suit your preferences.
  • Packaging solution: Tubs, round and oval canisters, soft packs, small travel packs, individually packed pouches with wipes etc.

Manufacturing a vast range of wet wipes and other personal health care products for all applications. Flexibility and extensive facilities allow us to offer a broad choice of wet wipe fabrics, including 100% Bio Degradable, Organic and Flushable to name a few.

Please read through our website to see the different wipes that we can offer. If you do not find exactly what you're looking for, please get in touch – we are always striving to develop new and unique products.